A.D.: Israel Revisited, Acts, & the Churches of Revelation  - March 2027

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This trip is specifically designed for folks who have already visited Israel and want to go deeper. We’ll visit Corazim (Luke 10:13), view the 1st century ancient Galilee boat. We’ll see the largest archaeological site in Israel Beit Shean (where Saul & Jonathan were found), Shiloh, Cana, Herodion (Herold’s palace), walk under the tunnels of the Western Wall, stand on the Temple Mount, visit Mount Arbel, see the caves of En Geddi (where David hid from Saul), walk the southern steps, visit the Gollan Heights and much more.  Plus the option to visit the the churches of Revelation such as Smyrna, Sardis, Philadelphia, Pergamum, & Ephesus!  Plus the Topkapi Palace, Aqueducts, Grand Bazaar and more. We'll revisit highlights like sailing on the sea of Galilee…and of course, the Garden Tomb!